Cell Phones – The Latest Cell Phone Technology Brought To You!

If there is ever a form of technology growing so incredibly fast that people are finding it hard to keep up with, it has to be the cell phone industry! Everyday new phones are entering the market with new computerized accessories that only a few years were not even dreamed about.

Cell Phone History

Do you remember a time when nobody carried a cell phone? When we were forced to wait in line for a payphone? Then the first analog mobile phones were introduced into the world and everyone marveled at their ability to allow people to communicate on the run.

It was not long after that when every phone was switched to digital technology and you had to throw out your analog phone for a more high tech digital one. You could have just said – "no I do not need to buy a new one" but inevitably you had become so attached to your phone, that you felt like it would be taking a piece of you away, so you bought a new one to replace your one now in the rubbish bin.

Now let's skip ahead a few years and from the basic digital black and white screened cell phones, color technology was invented which opened up a lot of other avenues. Games became more graphically advanced and there was one other thing that made a huge impact on the cell phone industry – the inbuilt digital camera!

With the ability to take and store digital photos on your phone, we started to open up our minds, imagining the possibilities. Would cell phones become our new personal computer? We're not there yet but we sure are getting close to it. Now it has only been 10 short years since the first digital cell phone was introduced into the world and look how far we have already come!

Latest Cell Phone Technology – The iPhone

The iPhone is has just been released and is taking the world by storm. With it's sleek look and huge range of features, it was sure to make a huge impact in the cell phone world. Created by Apple, it was designed to target those looking for a phone with the potential to store a large amount of songs inside.

If you take a look at it, you will notice it basically looks the same as an ipod! It boasts an intense screen with touch technology. There are very few phones on the market today that rival the iPhone in any area. It looks great, has an excellent inbuilt camera, cool touch screen, nice graphics. It basically is the closest thing to a hand-held PC.

With the invention of the iPhone, it's safe to say that they cell phone industry is definitely moving in the right direction!

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