Why Have not They Invited Caller ID For Cell Phones?

Have you ever been told that cell phones do not have caller ID? Obviously, if you have a wireless phone and caller identification is one of the features of your package you know that this is a complete myth. On the other hand, if you do not own a mobile or have limited features, you now know that cellular phones do in deed have caller ID capabilities.

However, although cellular phones have caller number identification, in the United States only the number of the mobile phone caller is displayed, not their name. This is different to listed landline numbers which will reveal both the name (usually surname and first initial) of the owner as well as their telephone number. So, if you have caller ID and you receive a call from a wireless number on your display what will appear in place of the name is "unknown caller", "unknown name", or something similar.

That being said, if your friend calls you from their cellphone and their name pops up on your call display, you may be wondering why it did not say unknown caller. The only time you will be given the name of the mobile caller is if you already have them programmed into your speed dial.

In addition to knowing how caller ID works for cell phones, you should also know that this feature is usually part of a package or a plan; it is not something that automatically comes with a phone. Thus, if you do not subscribe to this service, your wireless will not display the names and numbers associated with incoming calls.

What can you do if you are not provided the name of a caller on your phone's ID display? You can always take the phone number that shows up and enter it into a reverse cell phone lookup online. You should know, however, that you will be required to pay a small fee if you are hoping to discover the name of the mobile owner, as the only free information you will be given is the city and state associated with the number and the telephone carrier.

Is it worth it to pay for a reverse cell phone lookup [http://www.instantphonelookups.com] service? Only you can answer this question, because it depends on how important the identity of the caller is to you.

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