Cell Phone Number Trace For Beginners – Back to the Basics for the Novice Reverse Cell Search

Lesson 1 – Cell Phone Number Directory

What is it? Well, it is an index of cell phone numbers along with their respective owners account information including their name, address, etc.. Why are cell phone number directories not integrated with normal reverse phone number lookup directories? You will NOT see this anywhere, at least for free anyways, regardless of what the false advertising will tell you as cellular phone number information is not freely open to the public and therefore access to the information must be negotiated with the cell phone carriers which involves the numerous fees. For this reason the only way to access actual cell phone records is through a reverse cell phone lookup service. These services vary in their access to databases, cost and ease of you, which is explained later. Therefore do not believe the hype actual free cell phone number directories do not exist (*note – if they did why would there be such an enormous market for the paid services??)

Lesson 2 – Why Do People Advertise Free Reverse Cell Phone directories if they do not exist?

The main reason, at least in my experience is so that they can hook you into clicking their link, and then explain to you that they do not exist and then link to their own site. Now this is not entirely bad as it shouldn’t take long before you realize that these directories are a bit of a unicorn, zebra, whatever and that you need to be seriously looking into some other options. One thing that they may not tell you is that there are some avenues that can be explored prior to signing up to a reverse cell phone lookup service.

Lesson 3 – Should I be scared off by anything that advertises free access to reverse cell phone number information?

NO! Confusing huh, well you will commonly see “FREE reverse cell phone number directory” and then you will also see “FREE reverse cell phone number lookup”. These are two completely different things. As I explained earlier a directory is an organized list of numbers and their respective information, while a cell lookup involves that process of actively looking up a number. Thus it is “technically possible” to find a cell phone number by other methods, but the usual scenario is that the end result is a paid service is necessary to get results. Methods for performing these lookups are described on the linked page at the bottom and thus I won’t bore you with repetition, but what I will say is do not be shy to use a service as if your like me, time = money and these types of searches can be very labour intensive and thus you need to weigh your options as to what will be most effective for you!

Lesson 4 – Are all of the Lookup Services the Same?

No, They are definitely not all the same. They vary in the size and comprehensiveness of their databases as well as their pricing. For example, some are better at searching Canadian cell phone numbers, where as others will give you error messages. On the page linked below there is a links section that contains what I believe to be the best services in both quality (money-back guarantee’s), comprehensiveness and price. They are an excellent place for you to start and to gauge which avenue you want to begin with. Thats it for now, until next time, take care!

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