What is a Trac Phone?

Having a cell phone today is a must have. So many people are on the go, need to communicate with others while they are off, and running. Cell phones can be expensive if you are not careful about how you use them. There is a way to stay on a budget and still talk on the go. You can do this with a trac phone. They are the newest invention in pre paid phones.

With a trac phone, you will buy the actual phone for a good low price and then you simply buy airtime talk minutes and add them to your phone. It is simple and fun. You can purchase your trac phone at most electronic stores and the cards are sold there and at almost any department store as well. You will find that getting a trac phone will help you a lot and keep you on a strict calling budget.

When you buy the phone, you must first activate it. You will have to call a toll free number or go online to do this. You will enter the EMI numbers and a code and you are all set. Once you have your phone activated, you can then enter a prepaid card for airtime. You can also do this online or on the phone.

To keep adding airtime, you simply enter the card numbers into the prepaid selection on the phone. You can find the cards to be in any denomination that you want. You can get ten minutes, fifty minutes and even one hundred air time minutes for your trac phone. Of course, the more minutes you want, the more you will pay for your card.

Paying for the trac phone cards and the trac phone is still less than you would pay for a monthly service fee for a regular cell phone. You will pay less and still have all the use that you want. You can still receive phone calls and even make text messages. The only difference is that you are in control so that you do not go over your desired amount of minutes. Your phone will keep you notified of the minutes or units that you have left on the cards.

You may have to also activate cards at certain times. Most of the phones require that you activate a pre paid card at least every three months. Trac phones allow you to add airtime at any given point, however, you must do it before the allotted scheduled time or you may face disconnection. If this happens, all you have to do is reactivate your phone online or over the telephone. It is not a big ordeal and can be taken care of easily.

Having a trac phone will give you freedom and keep you in line when it comes to your spending habits. You will have the security of knowing that you can call when you need to and also know that you can add as much air time as you want to your phone. You will enjoy your phone and not having to worry about high monthly cell phone bills.

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