Find Someone’s Cell Phone Number – Is There a Free Method to Find Someone’s Cell Phone Number?

There are literally thousands of people that raise this question everyday, How to Find someone’s Cell Phone Number? But people don’t ask how do I find somebody’s land number. There’s a reason why.

Land Numbers and Cell Numbers are treated differently!

Yes, land numbers are considered public domain information. In other words they can be published on free public telephone directories. In contrast, cellular numbers are considered personal information. However, mobile numbers are considered ‘personal’ by cellular phone users as well as law enforcement authorities. Thus there are privacy laws protecting mobile users which prevent cell numbers being published on free public phone books. This is why people always wonder, how can I find a person’s cell number. Everybody knows how to find land numbers, they just go to the white pages… Voila!

Ok, ok, so how do you Find Someone’s Cell Phone Number?

Although these numbers are not available on free telephone directories, certain companies are able to ‘lease’ this information from the cellular phone carrier companies. You and I can do a telephone number search through these companies. So the answer is, unfortunately, you can not do a free cell number lookup. These companies charge you a small fee.

Reverse Phone Lookup or Forward Lookup?

If you already have the number and you need to find their name and address, you need a reverse cell number lookup which is also known as tracing a mobile number. However, if you know the name and address, but want to find their cell number, then you need to forward lookup. There are services that offer both lookups, so no need to worry!

The Good News is that tracing mobile numbers cost just 99 cents

Yes, it may not be free, but it’s just 99 cents. Isn’t that amazing? It only costs 99 cents from one of the leading companies in the ‘information ecommerce’ industry to find someone’s cell phone number.

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