Is Cell Phone Lookup A Waste Of Time?

Cell phone numbers are generally harder to find than landline phone numbers. It is because cell phone companies do not have a directory that lists all the number they have in service. Unlike landlines, there's no cell phone number white page or yellow page. If you want to look for the details relating a cell phone number, you've got to use the Internet.

If you're new at reverse phone number lookup, you'd think that it's a good idea to try websites that offer the service for free. Coming from someone with experience, let me tell you that it's a complete waste of time. These databases for these websites are based on other online sources such as WhitePages or 411 on the web. This means that the information you'll see here are the very same ones you'll see if you look at your White Page phone book or dial 411 for directory assistance. Cell phone numbers and unlisted phone number are not included in their directory.

Fortunately, there are websites run by investigation firms that allow you to view the information that you really need. Simply entering the cell phone number you want to investigate will reveal the basic information like the name and address of the owner. Of course, this comes with a price but it's not really that expensive so everyone can definitely afford it.

Some charge you every time you do a search while others may require you to sign up as a member and pay the initial charge before being given the opportunity to do an unlimited cell phone number lookup . Often, if you upgrade your membership and pay a slightly larger fee, you'll be able to research a person's criminal records and other public documents related to that person.

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