Is Cell Phone Radiation a True Concern For Your Family?

Electromagnetic field radiation has an intimidating sound when spoken, and to millions of people, it should be a real cause for alarm. People are exposed to dangers that they are not aware of because these fields surround us everyday with the useful devices more commonly used to call friends each day. A cell phone poses families to all sorts of dangers. Scholar research shows that there is a significant danger of radiation poisoning present every time a mobile phone is used.

That danger continues to increase when we drive our cars past cell towers, with our children in the rear of the car. This invisible killer affects all passengers in an automobile but especially children because their bones have not hardened enough to create a shell of protection against the fields of electromagnetic energy that surround them each day. Over exposure to these harmful emissions will cause a breakdown in a person's DNA.

It would not be uncommon to see benign and cancerous growths being produced around sexual organs and from the ear, where cell phones are used repeatedly throughout the day. Mood changes are not uncommon either to those that have been over-exposed to cell phone radiation, and cell phone masts in particular have even been linked to suicide. Electromagnetic poisoning can cause people to lose their hearing, yet cell phone manufacturers have failed to place clear warning on these devices.

Very little information is available on how to combat this type of exposure, and very little is said about the devices that can be used to block the electromagnetic field. Cell phone masts can create severe sequences to health, as can other devices that use high-frequency electromagnetic fields to operate, such as the microwave oven, bluetooth headsets, and some appliances in use in home and work environments. Would people believe if they knew that the World Health Organization believes families are at risk?

An excessive amount of exposure to radio frequencies has been documented to cause all types of changes to the personality. Most of the people that show adverse effects to wireless radiation had lived close to cell tower, or had owned bluetooth devices that contained a micro chip in them. People can take control over the bad effects caused by owning a wireless device by equipping themselves with air tube headsets, and a variety of precautionary devices that can be easily worn about the neck. Children can wear these protective devices each day and they would serve as a major deterrent for radiation caused by cell phone towers, appliances, and cell phones that their parents and other people they know use each day.

A hands-free device such as the air tube headset would reduce exposure of the head to electromagnetic field emissions by around 70 percent. Devices such as the Qlink pendants could shield other parts of the body from electromagnetic field radiation. People would be safer then, while operating laptop computers, desktop computers, and even cordless telephones. Preventing radiation from reaching vital organs is paramount, and parents can protect their children with these devices rather easily.

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