How Did People Get By Before Cell Phones?

I can barely remember a time when I did not have a cell phone. It's almost like a piece of me … I always have it with me, either in my pocket or my bag. Almost everyone I know is like that … very attached to their wireless phones. As such, it's no surprise that cell phones have become one of the most popular and fastest-growing types of technology out there.

There are myriad companies providing cellular / mobile service to millions of users on a regular basis. This is not shocking, given that the demand for these sections of phones is higher than ever. Very few people even have those old, antiquated land-line phones anymore. Wires, coils, cables … who needs them? And who wants to have to be in a specific place to make and receive calls? Not me! Not most people!

Now, try if you can, to imagine a time where cell phones were not even the sort of thing you'd see on "Star Trek." When you start thinking about all the different situations where a cell phone could come in handy, it's almost scary to think of living in a time without the technology.

Take this scenario. It's 2am and you're on your way home from a party. You're driving down the highway when, suddenly, your car starts to smoke and overheats. You're stuck alone, in the middle of the night, with a car that just died. I suppose in the past you could have waited for help to come, but that could have taken hours, and anything could have happened during that window of time. Today, life is much easier and safer. In the same situation, you could quickly call for a friend to come meet you while waiting for the tow truck you also called. The thought of not having a phone for such emergencies is almost terrifying for a lot of people.

There are a million other emergency scenarios where a cell phone is useful. If you witness a crime such as a mugging, or see a car accident, you can immediately call the police or other emergency service departments to come to assist the victims or anyone who was injured. The proliferation of cell phones has saved more than one person's life, since people are now able to call for help much more quickly than they were in the past.

Many people think cell phones are just meant for fun. And they are, especially with add-ons such as photo cameras, video cameras, games, and custom ringtones. But that does not mean cell phones do not serve an important role in helping people to be safer and live better lives every single day.

How did people live without cell phones? I honestly can not imagine.

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