Compare Cell Phone Prices

The price of a cell phone greatly depends on its functionality. As the features and capabilities increase, the cell phone price also increases. For the sake of comparison, cell phones can be categorized into entry-level, mid-priced, and high-end cell phones.

Entry-level cell phones – which cost below $ 100 – are usually larger in size and have only minimum features. These phones are primarily designed for users who just want to make a call and are not willing to pay more for additional features. Entry-level phones often come with a caller ID, phonebook, and voice mail facilities. Call waiting and auto-answering option are also provided in many models. LG VI-125, LG F9100 (Cingular Wireless), and Kyocera SE47 Slider (Verizon Wireless) are among the most sought after entry-level cell phones available in the market.

Mid-priced cell phones generally cost between $ 100 and $ 300. These phones are smaller and lightweight compared to entry-level ones. Both dual-mode and dual-band cell phones come under this price range. Some of the standard features include extended life batteries, vibrating ringers, and alphanumeric text and directory. All basic organizer functions such as address book, scheduler with alarm, and calendar are included in these phones.

LG VX4600 cell phone (Verizon Wireless) and Nokia 6230 cell phone (Cingular) are the two popular mid-priced models. The LG model – which ranges between $ 100 and $ 200? includes features such as enhanced messaging service (EMS), embedded ring tones, external USB capable, and voice-activated dialing. Nokia 6230 is a compact, sleek, and stylish cell phone that uses Bluetooth wireless technology. Digital camcorder, active thin film transistor (TFT) display, digital VGA camera, and integrated hands-free speaker are some of its key features. The price of this model is between $ 150 and $ 300.

High-end cell phones are extremely expensive. These phones often come with customizable accessories. The price range is $ 300 and above. Samsung p735 cell phone (T-Mobile) is a high-end model with integrated megapixel digital camera and MP3 player. It costs between $ 400 and $ 500. Ericsson R520M phone with Bluetooth and GPRS capability is another popular model and it costs approximately $ 600.

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