The Mobile And Cell Phone Directory Question

Over the last 5 years, the use and ownership of mobile and cell phones has exploded to the point where almost two thirds of the planet now own a mobile phone. There has never been any serious attempt by any of the large network providers to create and maintain a mobile phone number directory, or white pages. The problem is that so many people change their number every year when they upgrade their handsets it would be difficult to keep it up to date. In addition, there is no requirement to register a mobile phone so it would be very likely that any white pages would be quickly out of date shortly after it was published.

There are several online directory services specifically aimed at mobile phone users who choose to add their own number to the corresponding services. Some web sites that permit the upload of mobile numbers to a searchable database but some appear to have little regard for your privacy. You must ensure that the site you decide to add your number to has a tight privacy policy and you should have to confirm that you own the number by clicking on a confirmation link in an email. This safeguards against people having their number listed by just anyone. If in doubt, you should confirm with the website owners how they ensure your privacy is maintained.

Because we live in a fast moving and mobile world, it would be useful if we could search for numbers while on the move. Again, only a few sites that I know of, provide this facility. Look out for WAP functionality on these sites and remember to check which mobile phones are compatible with their services, especially if you have to pay to make searches.

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